Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fine Art Tracker finished

When I saw photos of Alberto Narduzzi's Fine Art tracker I thought 'There's a hell of a lot of air between the top of that TM and the bottom of the tank.' When the photos came through it made sense (from a design point of view, not sure about how it will handle). The shock arrangement looks interesting too.
This is set up day at the Pitti Uomo fashion show thing Alberto is showing bikes and photography at. It looks smart. Alberto's GM speedway bike is below. G


Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful!
Top 3 watercooled framers for sure!

Maybe a bit close between exhaust pipe and airfilter but the risk of loosing a few horses probably won't matter at all! :-)

Great work! End up in SB?


Nick said...

Fantastic job, but maybe a bit to much form over function for me

Anonymous said...

all they need now is some muck on em!!.

derestricted said...

man, you always find the best bikes, that top one is gorgeous. So simple and clean.

fredbob said...

I worked in art galleries for years and saw some major shows, but no work as beautiful as these. Gorgeous bikes, and another great post. Just lifted a pic for the desktop so I can see it every morning. Better than a sunrise...

17 " IL CONTE " said...

Grande lavoro amico mio,come sempre ovviamente.
Tanti meriti,dall'idea stessa della moto,al fatto di aver esposto in modo splendido in una location modaiola così atipica ed opposta alla mentalità chiusa ed elitaria dello Speedway, ma al tempo stesso lontana ank da quella popolare e cool del Flat Track.
Flat Moda Speed , bellissima ricetta da ripetere senza dubbio.
Complimenti Alberto.