Monday, 10 January 2011

Rich's XS650 - UPDATED

From Rich

My street tracker needs a new rear tyre fairly soon and really want to get a pair of K180's for front & rear if possible to replace the TT100's.
Do I remember rightly a while back that you fitted a K180 VanVan front 18" onto the rear of one of your bikes. How did it work out in the end, any problems or was it ok.
If it went ok I was thinking of doing the same, if it'll fit between the swing arm on my XS650. I've got a spare front hub and would then get it built up onto an 18" rim and fit the vanvan K180 on the front as well, bingo! a set of new K180's.
Since the photo, I've just fitted some Hagon progressive fork springs and dropped the forks which has brought the front end down a bit and it feels great, much improved from the old knackered springs.
I couldn't get to the last Rye House meet, went to the one before and dragged along a couple of mates & we loved it, even thought about giving it ago until that poor bloke on an orange xs650 crashed near the end and broke his collar bone I think, respect. Hope to get to some this year.
All the best, Richard

You're right, but we haven't done a ton of miles on the FT (with its VanVan rear tyre) because it's been on show at different places. If you don't want kneedown potential I'd say it was fine, but I'm just a rider, not a tyre expert. If you're in doubt, you should check with tyre people. I'd fit one to an XS and not worry, but I'm not much of a worrier.
I also did a season racing on VanVan tyres and they held up remarkably well, so I'd say they're pretty hard. It's probably a much better idea that fit chewing gum soft Maxxis race tyres to 19s to run on the road. G

Richard, I hear hear Gary's line and would go VanVan, but if you do decided to put tyre technology (or lastest tyre fashions?) before Le Look le plus cool...
The trusty all weathers Michelin Macadam 50 I used to run on my Zagato Guzzi, aren't made anymore. Andrew Gray recommended me against the very tacky (as in sticky not kitsch) classic racing Avon AM22 + AM23 as they dont make the street compound anymore and they're fakin expensive even if you buy them direct from the factory in Melksham (-on-Avon). There is not much shopping choice for wider than standard (not by modern bike standards) 18" rims. I did look at the Avon Road Rider but went for Bridgestone BT45 in the end; 110-80 front, 130-80 rear. But haven't ridden them in anger yet so I can't truly vouch for their capabilities (bizarrely the front tread depth is very shallow compared to the rear. I know they wear slower, but even so). BP


Nick said...

Try Avon Road Rider it's super grippy and comes in 19" and 18" sizes if your rims are wide enough they spread out well and have a good round look okay the don't have a heavy tread pattern , but the sure work well, so well in fact a friend has used them on Rob North Triple for track days rather than spending out on race tyres

#15 said...

I have some nice brand new 18" michelins and wide black rims if anyone is interested. They are from an abandoned street tracker project and sitting in my garage and taking up space. all reasonable offers considered

YZ400BEN said...

I run 4.00x18" Dunlop K70's on my Triumph.

Anonymous said...

I used to race a ypvs in UK Shorttrack on 18" K180 s.
I put it back on the road and, quite early on in the 2 mile trip to the MOT shop, decided they were a really bad idea. No grip to speak of and a 130 section front does not make for sweet steering.
I took 'em off that afternoon.

Tim S.

Anonymous said...

What are those megaphones. They are excellent! Homemade?

Sideburn Magazine said...

the Guzzi has Conti as fitted to 70s Ducati 900SS.
They have little cheese grater rasps inside. Raucous on
I don't know what's on the Yamaha???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tyre input.
The exhaust system on my XS is from Jemco Exhausts in Texas, nice sound as well, not too loud for the road.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the feedback!