Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mix tape

So, I was having one of those YouTube music mooches and came across some great tracks that reminded me of a mix tape I made back in 1984/5. I dug around in the drawer and here it is. Picking up on Gary's recent vinyl post, it's noticeable that while vinyl remains a living thing at Phillips Towers, cassettes have been consigned to the drawer of oblivion. Rightly so, they're shit. But for two or three decades they served us well as vehicles of casual piracy and for the honing of compilation skills. There's probably only one track I wouldn't put on there today, and the lack of breadth reflects a record collection that was cash-strapped small. Anyone fancy naming the bands? MP


#39 said...

AC/DC, Doors, Chuck Berry, Van Morrison/Them...that's all I got..

Sideburn Magazine said...

We want to see the other side with the 'art' on too Mick!

Red Torpedo said...

The Cult, Motorhead. Bugger, who did see Emily Play? Oh, I've googled it now.

BlackCountryBiker said...

Yeah Mick _ The Godfathers! I want it all and I want it NOW!! They rocked real hard in their best tuxedos.

BlackCountryBiker said...

... I can see at least 4 tracks that are still regularly played on my i-pod Mick - along with the aforementioned Godfathers I spy some Killing Joke too

Pete Stansfield said...

Wow i'd listen to that, Love like Blood Killing Joke, one of my all time favourites

Anonymous said...

Top right....early days U2.

Mick P said...

Some good IDs there, and here's the list:

1: Jesus & Mary Chain
2&3: The Purple Things
4: AC/DC
5: Motörhead
6: The Prisoners
7: Eddie Cochran
8: AC/DC
9: The Playn Jayn
10: Motörhead
11: The Purple Things
12: Johnny & The Hurricanes
13: Jesus & Mary Chain

1&2: The Doors
3: Pink Floyd
4: Chuck Berry
5: AC/DC
6: The Cult
7: Killing Joke
8,9&10: Motörhead
11: The Godfathers

Chris said...

Shirley this post should have been titled Mick's tape

I'll get my coat

dave skooter farm said...

HURRICANE by The Prisoners is a great track!! I'm actively looking for the 45 of this!

Mick P said...

One of my all-time favourites. This one came from the album, which I still have of course, Thewisermiserdemelza.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Ha! I've got the LP, I forgot I even had it. Just dug it out. I bought it on 15 June 91. NERD! I still have the receipt in the plastic sleeve. £6.25 brand new fro Jumbo Records, Leeds.
It's on Big Beat. G

Mick P said...

I wish I was as nerdy. No receipt, but I wrote on the top corner of the blank inner sleeve, October 1984. I'd have almost certainly bought it at Sundown Records in Walsall, now defunct (but only relatively recently).

BlackCountryBiker said...

Ere Mick - I used to get the bus from Dudley to Walsall on a saturday afternoon just to go to Sundown - then it was back to Graduate in Dudley. Where have all the record shops gone???