Sunday, 30 January 2011

Product Placement

Haven't been on a blog roam for a long time. It was taking over my life so had to kick the habit. But then Sunday evening, GI cc's me and MP about 45 CHOP, and we're all off on one, and before you know it you're scrolling back through every damn page - "How many pages?!"
I still have a sheet of the stickers Chris Watson did for us, but they're too precious to stick on anything so they live stashed away in an old photo paper box, which is dumb. This is perfect placement. I should just Ride It Don't Hide It. BP


cw said...

looks good on white, and a nice lug, what's the bike ben?

Mick P said...

CW - follow the link in the post and there's more detail on the bloke's blog.

Bubble Visor said...

I tried to "stop" a few times
my record 3 months
I'm hooked