Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Corpses from Hell CB400

Artist in demand, Maxwell P of Corpses from Hell is selling his Honda daily ride to put the money into his BSA project. He lives in London. Get in touch through his blog. Here's the warts and all sell...

The thing's reliable but its a bit of a rat. theres mot and tax so thats a plus.
it's got new battery
sporty alpha 70's exhaust
new brake shoes at the front
new front tyre
the front forks are slightly bent but I just ride it like that.

I suppose if anyone wanted it they'd probaby want to re paint it. I was hoping for £600. It should be good for that as the restoration wrecks go for 300 with no docs.
Maxwell also does a nice line in necklaces. BP


Chris said...

loving the authentic ignition 'key'... reminds me of Indian Rajdoots, a handy twig was sufficient.

WilliamsDamion said...

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